goodbye, summer!

I am probably the only person right now who is not at all bittersweet about summer coming to an end. I haven't been a fan of summer since the long lazy days of college. The summers of 2004 and 2005 were probably the best summers of my life. Great memories.

But September through December are really the months I live for...holidays, family, and hopefully a sweater or two to look forward to once the weather cools down a bit.

And guess what? I'm getting married in October - that's pretty cool, too!

Have a lovely long weekend and see you on the flipside, where the pumpkin spice lattes and fishermen sweaters live!

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new york, new york.

I finally got around to uploading all of my New York pictures from last month - since getting a fancy new camera for Christmas, I am so much slower on the uptake with getting the photos off the camera and into my life!

In July I flew to New York with my mama for a New York City adventure, then a bridal shower upstate hosted for me by my lovely future mom-in-law.

Some notable highlights:

- The Mermaid Inn - YUM! I'd like to sit here and drink wine and eat oysters and fries all night long.

- Central Park followed by Cafe Lalo (gluten free waffles GET IN MY FACE).

- Grand Central (my fave!) plus wine and oysters (sense a theme?) at The Oyster Bar.

- Saxon + Parole - for one of the best meals OF LIFE. Our airbnb apartment rental was quite literally right next door, and mom and I sat here for hours and ate (lobster!) and drank (celery gimlet and wine!) the night away.

And a few favorite photos:

View from Central Park...

Central Park...


Grand Central...

Drinks at The Oyster Bar with Viv...

Kind of seemed like perfect placement for this ad...just a couple more weeks!

Upstate with Mom...

Mom and Dad in Law...

Heading home to LA...mountains and Vegas strip...



A few weeks ago, some of my best girls gathered in Santa Barbara with me for my bachelorette party, but I've been extraordinarily lazy in uploading my pictures so here we are, weeks later.

I just got my friend Kat's pictures the other night, which were hilarious and inappropriate and I don't even know why I bother to mention them here as there is no way on Earth those are going up here. Instead, here are some fun snapshots of the weekend...

Started off the weekend getting iced. Well played, ladies.

That harbor...sigh.

Cards Against Humanity was a necessity.

Wine tasting at Municipal Winemakers.

And some planking, too.

Love them...

Ready to party.

The gold medal of fantastic photos.




It's pretty sweet when someone takes the words out of your head and puts them to paper (computer screen?).

Sarah wrote this lovely post on her blog - on the business of blogging - that is just filled with awesome. Worth the read!

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